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eCommerce 'How-To' Online Workshops

Our interactive online workshops are for those that want to learn in a fun and informal way with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Each month we offer one or more hands-on 2.5 hour workshops (split into 2 sessions) via Zoom for topics related to Shopify, digital marketing, improving conversion rates, understanding analytics and much more.

Some highlights...

➔ Real-time screen sharing of each business owner looking for assistance

➔ Our team and attendees sharing their thoughts and recommendations

➔ Action items (aka homework) are provided during the first 1.5 hour session

➔ Follow-up video call (session 2) to review changes made and answer any questions

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Upcoming Workshops

Here are a few workshops we are working on and will have available soon. Sign up to be notified about when they will be available, workshop details, etc.

How to Tackle SEO the Right Way and in 1/2 the Time

Learn how to find the right keyword phrases for your brand and where to include them on your website and digital marketing efforts to increase your Google rankings and get found by your top customers.

Create Engaging Image & Written Content Fast

Learn how to create professional images and engaging written content for product descriptions, blogs and more. Recommendation: Attend our SEO workshop first.