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eCommerce Strategy

We will discuss your business goals and create a "big picture" strategy to reach them and prioritize each step.

Learn Shopify

Learn step-by-step how to properly set up and run a successful Shopify store. Tailored to your brand's needs.

Apps, Tech + Processes

Get recommendations for apps, technology, & business processes to help you succeed.

Set Goals + Actions

Together we will set goals for your business and create a plan of action customized for you.

$250/one-hour session

1:1 eCommerce + Shopify Coaching Session

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Hi! I'm Monique "Mo" Nelson, your eCommerce Co-Pilot! I started ECOMflight with the sole objective to help other online business entrepreneurs succeed.

My Background?

I launched an apparel manufacturing business (manufactured tattoo cover-up sleeves for working professionals with tattoos) selling online direct to consumers and wholesale.

I built my company into 3 distinctly different and successful brands with different tribes, selling on multiple platforms, shipping worldwide and later sold the business.

Since then, I’ve become a Shopify Expert & Partner who has personally coached and consulted over 400+ entrepreneurs. I LOVE helping my clients as they launch and grow their online businesses!



Frequently Asked Questions

I'm building my Shopify store now. When should I meet with you?

We can help you no matter where you are on your path to building, launching or scaling your online business.

If you are new to Shopify, we highly recommend you book a call before you get started to have a clear action plan on how to do it right. Why not do it right the first time?!

What happens after our first meeting? Are there other coaching options?

After the first 1-hour "1:1 eCommerce + Coaching Session", you may have the option to sign up for our "1:1 VIP eComLaunch Coaching" program. Let's first see if we are a good fit to work together. Then our team will discuss your project and determine if you qualify for the VIP program.

What is the 1:1 VIP eComLaunch Coaching Program?

The "1:1 VIP eComLaunch Coaching" is a topflight program for eCommerce entrepreneurs struggling to start or scale their business. The perfect choice if you are looking for focused results-driven mentoring combined with our team handling some of the more technical aspects as we take your business to the next level.

As a VIP, you get 3 hours of priority support  - including 1:1 Zoom video calls (recording option), support via email/project management app, and technical assistance. If more time is needed (beyond the included 3 hours) you can purchase another 3-hour block at the discounted rate. 

The cost is $645 USD/month. Saving you over $100! Our regular hourly rate is $250 an hour.

Interested? Contact us at [email protected].

Does the one-hour just have to be used for 1:1 coaching?

No, the time can also be used for technical assistance (agreed upon by you and our team).

I'm still not sure if coaching is for me. What should I do?

Email us with any questions or concerns you may have. We would be happy to explain the process and options.

Contact us at [email protected].

Ready to Get Started & Work With Your Shopify Expert?

We Are Grateful

What Our Clients Are Saying

Literally the BEST experience with MO!!

I had no idea where to start and she walked me through every step with amazing ideas that I hadn't even thought of. Best of all, she is always there to help! It's not a "one and done" job for her.

She wants to help you succeed in any way she can. And if she doesn't know the answer she does her due diligence to find it out for you. Plus she's always learning and researching ways to drive traffic to your site.

Lastly, I absolutely LOVE her personality....such a fun person to collaborate with!

/ Beach City Gifts

Mo was great to work with!

She really teaches you how to build and use your website so you don't have to rely on someone else every time a change is needed.

She's very good at helping your vision come to life. If there is something you want to implement and she's not sure how to create it on your website, she will research to find the best way to make it happen.

She seems sincerely interested in your business succeeding and will be honest if you have an idea that she doesn't think will be a benefit.

/ Visit Nifty

She is a true Shopify Expert

Mo is the best! She is a true Shopify Expert and she teaches you everything she does so you can learn and duplicate it. Such a patient teacher.

Anytime I had a question she went beyond what I needed. Ever since I have been with Mo I see my website getting more traffic. When we were designing my website she took my vision and brought it to life and it was perfect.

I told her I would love to have a 🌸 as a pointer and she made it happen. When I get stuck on a step or need clarification she is so patient and professional. If Mo tells you she is going to do something she keeps her word and timeline!! Something I respect a lot.

/ DSY Lifestyle

Mo was an exceptional resource and talent to work with

Full of usable knowledge - Mo was patient in explaining and teaching when necessary.

I couldn't have asked for a better collaborator to updating my website and learning how to do it along the way.


Mo is very knowledgeable and organized with her approach

Mo hopped on to help us about the time we had just started our Shopify website and e-commerce journey. Mo created a safe and easy space to ask questions and walk us through step by step, through the best way to title our products to what exactly is SEO and how we can use it to our advantage. We could not have had the launching pad of starting to use this e-commerce platform without Mo's help. The insight she provided and thorough video call chats really helped us understand what this new website could do for us. She is very knowledgeable and organized with her approach to where we can utilize our website to the extent we can to better provide for our customers and help us grow in a space that we are new to branch into.

/ Robert Chavira Inc.

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