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Are You Thinking... "I Don't Know, What I Don't Know" About eCommerce or Shopify?

You are not alone! It's hard to start and grow an online business. Especially when you've never started a business before and technology is involved. Now, you can have a business advisor and Shopify Expert to help guide you.

A Successful Online Business Takes More Than a Pretty Website

You need to...

  1. Have a clear plan of who your customers are, the pain point you are solving and the right product or service to help them.
  2. Build an engaging website designed to convert visits to sales.
  3. Add other sales channels to develop your omnichannel strategy and scale your business.
  4. Continually improve your conversion rate to get more bang for your buck (ROI).
Show Me How

Hello There!

I'm Monique "Mo" Nelson, your eCommerce Co-Pilot! I started ECOMflight with the sole objective to help other online business entrepreneurs succeed.

My Background?

I launched an apparel manufacturing business (manufactured tattoo cover-up sleeves for working professionals with tattoos) selling online direct to consumers and wholesale.

I built my company into 3 distinctly different and successful brands with different tribes, selling on multiple platforms, shipping worldwide and later sold the business.

Since then, I’ve become a Shopify Expert & Partner who has personally coached and consulted over 400+ entrepreneurs. I LOVE helping my clients as they launch and grow their online business!

About Us

How an eCom Coach Can Help

Let's schedule a video call where you can share your business goals and challenges. Then your eCommerce coach can provide you with recommendations and expert guidance:

  • eCommerce Assessment
  • Optimized Shopify Settings & Design
  • Product Development
  • Branding
  • Business Systems, Apps & Processes
  • Drive Qualified Traffic
  • Omnichannel Strategy (other sales channels)
  • Improve Customer Experience & Conversions

... and more.

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It's Your Turn for Success

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Your reserved time/subscription can be used for coaching video calls with Shopify Expert, Mo Nelson (optional recording), support via email/project management app, or consulting work requested by you.

Single Session $225/hour

Once paid, you will receive a link to your eCommerce Co-Pilot Mo Nelson's calendar where you can select your preferred date and time for a coaching video call. Any overage of time will be billed at the same hourly rate.

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Subscription $450 - 3 hours month

This high-value coaching subscription includes 3 hours each month and puts you at the front of the line! Perfect for an ongoing relationship to take your business to the next level. Any additional time billed at your VIP rate - $150/hour.

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