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Here's a list of faves based on client results and our own experience. We love to share what works! * Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves or recommend to our clients. All opinions expressed here are our own. This page may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission. 


Shopify Themes

Symmetry /#1 fav

Great combo of story-telling & functionality. Clean design with many ways to create a great user experience. Supports OS 2.0.

Be Yours /#2 fav

Mobile-first design with many built-in features you would typically need to purchase separate apps for. Multiple template styles. Supports OS 2.0.

Flex Theme /#3 fav

VERY configurable, 10+ layout styles, mobile & desktop section options, Updater App option, and more. Contact us for a discount.

OOTSB Themes /more faves

Great quality premium themes, comprehensive help doc, support team, and a theme Updater App. Only select OS 2.0 themes.

Pixel Union/other faves

High-quality themes. Offers many built-in options, frequently updated, help docs, and Updater App. Only select OS 2.0 themes.

Theme Updater App/save $

Keep your Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union Shopify themes up-to-date (more functionality and fixes) quickly and easily.

Shopify /sign up today

The best eCommerce platform to build your online business on. Let's build it! Sign up for your free trial today!

Increase Conversions & Average Order Value (AOV)

Vitals: All–in–One Marketing/*must

Convert more visitors into customers, create upsell & cross-sell campaigns, capture email addresses without popups and more. Contact us for more information.

Judge.me Reviews /*must

Product and site reviews including photo, video and Q&A. Social proof and boosts SEO. Connect to Google Ratings.

Wishlist Plus /wishlist

Full-featured & mobile optimized. Drive traffic & sales with personalized email & social campaigns based on wishlist activity.

Smile /loyalty & rewards

Turn your customers into repeat purchasers by creating a powerful rewards program. Keep your brand top of mind.

ReBuy /ai upsell

Analyze your store’s sales data and your customers’ purchase behaviors for data-driven upsells, cross-sells, and order follow-ups.

Ultimate Sales Boost

Increase sales with urgency, countdown timer, trust, BOGO, trust badges, promos, and more. Select the app from the dropdown.

ReConvert /post-purchase

Custom thank you page with upsells, cross-sells, pop-ups, upsell product recommendations, and urgency timers.

Shop Pay Installments

Increase your average order value by offering interest-free installment payments. The customer is not redirected away from Shopify!

G-Variants /custom

Build custom products with options including text, dropdown, calendar, file upload, swatches, button, checkbox & more.

Recharge /subscriptions

Give your shoppers more options and increase your customer lifetime value by offering subscriptions. Easy setup.

DonateMate /donations

Allows your customers to make custom donations throughout your Shopify store, including POS and post-checkout.

Images, Video & Branding & Bulk Data Editing

Canva /must have

Easy-to-use image editing features, thousands of custom templates and stock images, background remover, and more!

Promo /must have

Free customizable video maker to help boost your business. Video creator for ads, social media, product explainer, and more!

Grammarly /must have

Free tool to make sure your spelling, grammar and tone are optimized. Chrome browser extension available.

Brand Name Generator

Use Shopify's free name generator to get brand or business name ideas. Describe your brand in one word and you'll see a list of options.

Branding Color Guide

Get some ideas for your brand and logo colors by understanding how it connects to the emotion of your customers.

Looka Logo Maker

Logo generator allows users to create dozens of logos based on their design preferences. Super easy and fun!

Google Fonts

Font ideas for your brand - title text and complementary font for easy-to-read paragraph text. Can be uploaded to your theme.

Bulk Product Edit

Managing a store with 100s of products? Easily bulk edit (even metafields). Schedule updates! Select the app from the dropdown.


Measure for Success

Google Analytics

Stop guessing! You must measure to be successful! Evaluate conversion rates, sales channels, your ROI, and more.

Google Search Console

Tools and reports help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and do well in Google Search results.

Hotjar /user actions

Understand how users behave on your site, what they need, and how they feel, fast. Heatmaps, recordings & more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ubersuggest /seo

Win the game of SEO. Keyword suggestions, reverse-engineer your competitor's domain, social and blog post ideas, and more.

Jasper /seo & copy

Rank for SEO. Artificial intelligence makes it fast & easy to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more! Go BossMode!

Google Trends /keywords

Keyword research tool to understand keyword search volume, identify seasonal trends, find trending topics, & more.

Answer the Public /content

Discover what people are asking about. Just enter 1 or 2 words about a topic. An untapped goldmine of content ideas.

Email Marketing

Orderly Emails /must have

Easily replace your ugly, boring Shopify notification emails with beautiful branded emails. One-time cost.

Klaviyo /email mktg

Full-featured email marketing platform. Send automated email sequences based on user interaction with your brand.

Trigger Words /spam

Keep your emails out of your customer's spam folder. Spam trigger words to avoid or reduce in your subject line in an easy list.


Sales Channels & Ads

Vajro /mobile app

Deliver an amazing shopping experience for your customers with a mobile app that looks and works exactly how you want it to. 30-day free trial.

Google Merchant Center

Why not add your brand alongside the Google search results when someone is searching for your products?

Feed For Google Shopping

Connect your Shopify products with your Google Merchant Center account for product listings in Google Search and Google Ads.

Google Performance Max

Maximize your reach and meet more customers wherever they're shopping. G Ad campaign to find new customers and bring them back.

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